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Taking pictures

is my passion and profession.

Welcome to Justin M Photo.
A St. Louis based photography company specializing in weddings, head shots, corporate events, families, and more.

I'd love to buy you a drink.
Give me a call - 636.579.9458

- Justin Mayfield.

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"Thank you, Justin... Thank you, Mariah. Many photographers are capable of producing slick, glossy shots. We love the way photography can present memories in heightened ways, somehow making them look even better than we remember them. Your work is most impressive, however... it resonates something true, which is a gift."

Warm Regards,
Akili & Camille Wartts

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Justin Mayfield

636 . 579 . 9458

2206 Lucas Ave. Apt. #208
St. Louis, MO 63103

About J

Justin Mayfield
Owner and Lead Photographer

My name is indeed Justin Mayfield, and I am the founder of this fine photography company - Justin M Photo.

My life is fraught with inescapable creativity and an unquenchable appetite for self-expression which I have been fortunate enough to translate into my work. I'm also incredibly appreciative of the bonds formed between me and my clients throughout our work/play relationship.

I have a BS in Psychology from Mizzou, and a Masters in BS from the school of life. I've traveled to many countries throughout my life, and have no desire to stay put for any longer than I have to. I studied photography at Mizzou, and also in Rome, Italy for some months. You can guess which place I enjoyed more.

I consider it my job and privilege to tell stories in ways that are engaging, genuine, and capture the soul of the events and subjects I shoot. I'm unbelievably lucky to have my wonderful girlfriend, Mariah, as my partner in crime in this venture.

Other nifty stuff about me... I'm barefoot whenever possible. I'm a frontman and keys player for a band called Enso. I believe I'm likely to die in a freak accident. I have a twisted sense of humor. I idolize Freddie Mercury. I speak only the truth. I'm terrified of heights. I used to hate cats. Now I collect them. I believe diction is important. Grammar, too. You’re and Your are different words, folks. I’m a scrabble mastermind. I prefer to sleep in a hammock. Give me all the bacon and beer.

The end.